• A Friend In Need

    Age Range: 10 – 13 years

    Fiifi and his two friends, Kakra and Panyin are neighbours. In an Art and Craft class, Fiifi cannot mold his clay pot. He asks Panyin to help him complete his art work over the weekend, but Panyin gives a thousand and one reasons why he cannot help.

  • Adventures of Cleopas

    Peggy Oppong
    When Cleopas Onini was born, he had two front teeth and drank a big cup of porridge. At his naming ceremony, his uncle who had lived on top of a tree for 30 years climbed down to witness the occasion. As the family argued about the appropriate name for the baby, eight-day-old Cleopas sat up in his bed and clapped his tiny hands to show his preference for the name his uncle Ofutu announced. Everybody, including the catechist, took to their heels as they witnessed the strange scene. At three months, he could sit up, crawl and talk.

  • Against the Odds

    Young Kwaku Obeng, falsely accused of a crime, comes to Accra to seek his fortune and find a means of clearing his name.

    Homeless and penniless, virtually alone in the world, he strives against the odds in a world that owes him no favours. Will he be able to achieve his dream of becoming a medical doctor? Will his tarnished image be restored?

    Will he ever be able to go home again?

  • Better Late than

    Edith Tetteh-Charway
    Age Range: 8 – 12 years

    In Better Late than Never, Daakyehene is to attend an interview but wakes up a bit too late on the day set for the interview.

    For this reason, he decides that he will not attend. His mother urges him on to give it a try nonetheless.

    What happens at the interview? Was it worth the try? Is it really better late than never?

    The stories in this series Idioms in Expression aim at giving children a better understanding of idiomatic expressions. Since these idioms form the main theme for the story, it becomes easy for the reader to understand the contexts within which such expressions should be used.

    Coupled with this learning experience are the exciting story lines which do not only portray the familiar African culture, but also provide a wide vocabulary for readers’ use.

  • Echoes from the

    Phoebe courageously steps in to avert a near-clash between Barbara Fhanuelle, the affluent but caustic-tongued client and the salon owner. Barbara, driven by curiosity to learn more about Phoebe, invites her home. Phoebe meets two men at Barbara’s residence: Felix Newgate, old enough to be Phoebe’s father but a wealthy, handsome and highly-respected doctor who offers her financial security, a future of bliss and also has the active support of Barbara; and Ekow, Barbara’s only son, who is younger, makes Phoebe laugh and open up in a way no one else has done before.

  • Kofi and the Bucket

    Fanny Orleans-Binder (Illustrator), Nana Ama Buckman
    Age Range: 6 – 11 years

    The Opoku family never seem to have any peace because of their naughty son Kofi. Kofi is the naughtiest boy in Botikrom and is always getting into trouble. The church harvest is approaching and Kofi has been on his best behaviour much to everyone’s surprise. But they don’t know that Kofi has a very naughty trick up his sleeve which will shock the town!

  • Lost in the Forest

    Ethel DedeEthel Dede Mbrokoh
    Age Range: 10 – 14 years

    A girl goes snail-hunting with friends and soon finds out that she is all alone in the forest. A search is mounted for her and she is found dumb in an old man’s hut.
    Age Range: 10 – 14 yearsMbrokoh

    A girl goes snail-hunting with friends and soon finds out that she is all alone in the forest. A search is mounted for her and she is found dumb in an old man’s hut.

  • Master Prah

    This tells the story of an untrained but dedicated teacher whose life and varied roles impacted positively not only his pupils but also the community in which he lived.
    It is an engaging and humorous story set in colonial West Africa.

  • No Roses for Sharon

    Peggy Oppong
    Jabez and Sharon start off as childhood friends. As they grow up Sharon becomes a beautiful young lady with whom Jabez falls madly in love. Just when he decides to propose love to her, a much sought-after young Doctor comes in to sweep her off her feet leaving Jabez shattered. No amount of pleading influences Sharon whose mind is made up as she sees in the young doctor her only door to fame and luxury.

  • Rabbital Kingdom

    Age Range: 5 – 10 years

    A group of rabbits is faced with the toughest challenge of their lives: their once happy and peaceful Kingdom is being threatened by famine and death. Led by their brave king and queen, they embark on a dangerous journey to find a better and safer land. This is a story of courage, kindness, hope and new beginnings.

    Get ready for an exciting adventure with the rabbits of Rabbital Kingdom.

  • Red Hot Pepper

    Age Range: 5 – 9 years

    “Koliko sakora!” some of her friends teased her as she opened her food bowl. Dzifa had eaten fried potatoes with hot pepper for lunch for the past four days. Not that she did not like the food. She did but there was no fish to eat the meal with. She had no other option, but to eat the food, just as it was.

    Soon, break was over and lessons resumed.

    “What is that in your dress?” Miss Lucy enquired.

    “Please teacher, it is red hot pepper” Dzifa replied.

    The whole class burst into laughter.

    Dzifa resolved that after such an embarrassment before the whole class, she was not going to help Miss Lucy with clean the classroom anymore.

    Read further to see what happened later and the surprise that lay in store for Dzifa.

  • Shades of Green

    A young girl named Adwoa loves to take care of the environment. In Canada, she is part of a green group but she has to move away to Ghana with her family. Learn what a ghostly forest and a curse in Ghana have to do with helping Adwoa feel at home and allowing her to help save the planet.

  • Sons of the Skroll

    Alan thinks his summer vacation would be boring until he comes into contact with the most unusual person. Alan takes the friendship to a different level when he makes the decision to risk his life so that his newfound friend would live. A bad headache would put him to sleep. He would wake up but not in his bed. His new world would challenge him to be a warrior. He would have Chacham to trust, Alala to admire and Akrabim to battle. Whatever the outcome, Alan’s life will never be the same.

  • The Adventures of

    Age range : 6-11 years

    Kofi Opoku is up to his old tricks again  but this time it seems his latest trick has angered  a ghost and the ghost is out to….

  • The Angel of Death

    Peggy Oppong
    Emily loves people and is selfless in her service to the deprived, helpless and suffering masses she encounters daily.

    She is called the angel of life, yet at the hospital where she works death stalks. She becomes very depressed. Who is killing her patients?

  • The Black Heel

    Everything was going on smoothly for her and the future appeared secured until a shocking betrayal shatters everything Naomi had lived for. In the bleak darkness that follows she is forced to make a choice — to return to the past or wade towards the flickering light that beckoned her.

  • The Last Wish

    Peggy Oppong
    Amzi has it all – great looks, excellent business acumen and a strong determination to fulfill his destiny.

  • The Lemon Suitcase

    Peggy Oppong
    Her brow was beaded with sweat and her heart was thumping furiously with fear as she watched the gunman standing in front of her, with only a desk separating them. Mabena felt trapped and her night caller knew it.

  • The Masquerader

    Peggy Oppong
    Susan shook her head several times as she stared at Esinam in utter disbelief. Of all the strange tales she was privileged to have heard as she grew up in the city of Accra, none could rival what her daughter narrated.

  • The Red Heifer

    Peggy Oppong
    Nathan and Keilah’s wonderful marriage ends when he loses his job. She runs off to Germany with an older man leaving behind her young twin children which shatters Nathan and he vows to avoid all women, but his aunt and sister are determined to find a wife for him.

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